Why you can start a blog too!

Why you can start a blog too!

(or YouTube channel or whatever!)

I delayed starting my blog for so long because of the all too common thought that there are so many blogs out there already, how can there possibly be room for mine? How will my blog ever get noticed enough to have more than my mum and boyfriend as regular readers?! What if people don’t like it? What if they HATE it?! How could I possibly handle that?

Well, I had a breakthrough!

Is there room for me and my blog?

While reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s (you will learn very quickly I love her!) ‘Big Magic’ and Wallace Wattles ‘The Science of Getting Rich’, it finally clicked! They speak of an endless supply of ideas and ways to do things. That we CREATE what we want. We don’t have to take from another, we CREATE what we need. There’s more than enough room for everyone! There’s more than enough of everything for everyone if we choose to believe it. So there’s more than enough room for my blog. Hell there’s enough room for every single person on earth to have their own blog if they so wish. There’s more than enough readers, there’s more than enough ideas. As Liz describes – ideas are constantly looking for a ready and willing host. They’re constantly being born so there is infinite inspiration, if we believe we are worthy of bringing them to life.

‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’

I remind myself of the above when the familiar free fall happens – the one of self-pity and fear. ‘That’s already been done, what’s the point of even trying’. I only have to read a couple of pages of either of these books and the excitement I felt when I first had the idea to start a blog comes back. They give me a boost to get back in the ring, sit back down at my laptop or notebook and believe I have a right to be here, just like the others before me, and the ones who will come after me!

Ideas will come, sentences will form as long as I stay open to them. As long as I feel worthy of their arrival. Don’t get me wrong, this takes constant reminding! This has taken a long time to sink in. The ego always wants to keep us in fear and self-pity. It’s the same for all of us. Our fear is not special, it’s not unique. It just keeps us stuck in the same place we’ve always been. But we have to be damn brave to move past it. Like the book by Susan Jeffers says ‘Feel the Fear and do it Anyway’.


You do you

So please if you’ve ever felt the urge to write or paint or whatever it is you would love to do (and if I have others surely must have) like start a YouTube channel, write a book, start painting or drawing – then just start with that first idea and start with that one page. Don’t even think about anyone else seeing whatever it is you’re doing, they don’t have to know! Keep it a secret to yourself until you’re comfortable sharing it with someone who is kind.

The joy I get from working on my blog, having my own little piece of real estate on the web, is something so new and exciting, something which so utterly destroys my comfort zone . I wish I’d started those few years ago, but I didn’t, I’m starting now.

You can too.

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