Something you might not know about me

Something you might not know about me

I used to be very shy. As a kid, as a teenager, right up until probably about 4-5 years ago when I truly started to learn to like myself. Now I love myself!

This is Day 2 of a 7-day blog challenge I’m doing called ‘Trigger Your Blog’. Inspiring us to share more about ourselves, to give us ideas if we are stuck, basically to get our a’s into g! I’m loving it so far, but today’s prompt could be a bit scary if I thought about it too much – share something about myself that my readers might not know. So I just dived right in!

A shy spring chicken

I think shy is really just another word for insecure. I was shy because I felt others wouldn’t like me when they met me. Petrified of starting new schools, or doing anything in front of others. Of course I did make new friends and my friends at the time probably wouldn’t describe me as shy, as I was a weirdo when I was with them. Or in my teens and early twenties I would have a few drinks, the great social lubricant, when out with friends which always helped. But in the initial meeting of someone new, that is when the fear and insecurities would kick in. What if they didn’t like me? What if they said something horrible? What if they judged me?

A self-love revolution

When I learned to like myself, through reading self-help and new age books over the years, from watching Oprah videos, Dr Phil, Neale Donald Walsch, to name a few, I learned that I was enough just as I was. Then I really started to love myself, deep down at the core of who I was, not that I am perfect but because I’m here trying, trying to be kind to everyone I meet.

I realised that so many of us had the exact same fears. We all feel scared of being judged by others. We all want to be accepted for who we are. That’s normal, but we can all learn that we are enough just as we are. We are always enough. And when you know that, then it stops being scary meeting new people. And it becomes easier to meet new people and make new friends. Because you know this you can be the brave one, you can make them feel at easy by accepting them first.

Everyone can teach us something

Yes I may still meet people who I don’t quite gel with but because I know I am enough, and that I don’t need people to like me for me to like me, then I can just listen to a different point of view, hopefully learn something and move on. The longer I live this way, of loving and accepting myself, the more I’ve experienced like-minded people crossing my path. So it actually gets easier and easier!

When I look back now I wouldn’t change a thing. I am who I am because of my experiences. I can honestly say that I love meeting new people and making new friends. All because I learnt to love myself!

Here’s Day 1 of the Trigger Your Blog challenge – My Intention for this blog

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