Divine Timing – The Universe knows what’s up

Divine Timing – The Universe knows what’s up

I believe the universe works for us, with us and through us. You can call it whatever you want – Universe, God, Spirit, the Divine, it’s really all the same thing.

I believe if we stay open and surrender to the universe and ask for our highest good, we will be surprised and blessed in ways beyond our comprehension. I also believe in divine timing. I believe some things happen exactly as they’re meant to, exactly when they’re meant to.

A recent example from my life of divine timing – The day my boyfriend of 3 years and I decided to bring things to an end, a little kitty cat came into my life. I needed healing and she needed a home. The universe knew we could help each other.

My boyfriend was great, he was a good guy and we had a brilliant 3 years together with many adventures I will never forget. But he was also allergic to cats and didn’t really like animals… (I know, I don’t understand how people don’t really like animals either but anyway, moving on). I on the other hand have always had a deep affinity for anything from the 2, 4, 6, 8 and even no leg variety. From the furry to the feathered, all creatures great and small. I’ve always needed something (preferably) small and soft to give my love to!

An iddy biddy little kitty

I thought I understood the possible reality of never having a pet in my life. Like if we happened to spend many more years together. I told myself I was fine with that. Ok I was a bit sad… But I knew of course it was more important that my boyfriend/partner/husband not be sneezing, sniffling and scratching, than my desire to have a soft little thing to pat furiously on my arrival home each day. But on finding Iddy Biddy (that’s me cat) I realise now how much I’ve missed having a furry feline around. With travelling and renting over the last few years it just wasn’t possible. I had to make do with the poor unsuspecting cats who happened to be hanging around my apartment block, or who were in my path on my way to work. But they never appreciated me for long for some reason…

I believe the universe brought this cat to me at exactly the right time, to help me remember that the universe has my back. It knows our highest good, even if we don’t know it at the time and it may seem like a big ol mess to others right now. But as one love left my life, another one entered. I now know for sure that animals need to be a part of my life. I know everything happens as it is meant to, we are exactly where we’re meant to be at this time in our lives.

Obviously there are much more ‘important’ and grander examples of divine timing out there of course. But this was one just for me, right when I needed it. I believe the more we’re open to these instances, with eyes and hearts wide open, the more will be on offer. The more we will reap from this life.

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