An incredible thing I’ve learnt from The Secret

An incredible thing I’ve learnt from The Secret

Life is ours to create!

IF we know how. We can steer our lives in a different (better) direction by our very own thoughts. If we are ready to wake up and train our minds to work for us instead of staying enslaved to the self-worth destroying thoughts of the ego. Life can be so much sweeter. Of course we first need to learn that this is even possible. And hallelujah, yes it’s possible! It can all start with a special little book called The Secret.

Next question – How is this possible?! If the people around us while growing up didn’t know about this, then chances are we are not going to know about this until we ‘stumble’ across a book or a website or movie that will hopefully smash wide open our current model of what we thought life had to be.

The Secret

That’s how it happened for me. With a little ol’ book called – The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne. I came across it when I worked in a bookstore back home in Whangarei, NZ. This book unlocked in me a wonder, showed me possibility. This is where I first learnt that I can use my thoughts to consciously create my life. Create the experiences and people I wanted in my life. The abundance. Health. Prosperity. All of it could come to me, if I learnt what is there for all of us to know – what’s called the Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is a law of the universe, stating like attracts like. Now when I first heard that it didn’t really make sense to me. As I kept reading I understood it meant what we put out to the universe that’s what we’ll get back, so if we think the world is a shitty place more things will keep showing up to ‘prove you right’ – because that’s what you’ve asked for. A cruel self-fulfilling prophecy.

If you haven’t read The Secret yet I highly recommend it. Go to the library, borrow a friend’s copy, download it to your e-reader or tablet, any which way you can get this little gem of a book in your life, go  for it. There’s even a movie version. I’ve watched it so many times. It’s such a powerful way of getting the message across. (And not everyone likes to read, some find it too much effort, like many of my friends who have dyslexia, doesn’t mean they should miss out).

It may just plant a seed that could lead you on a treasure trail through life!

Starting from there I discovered more and more crumbs along the way placed just so that I would find them when I was ready – books, authors, speakers, documentaries. (Which I will hopefully write about in time as I continue with this new blog adventure!)

I’m learning how to train my mind and tame the relentless stream of thoughts, leading me round and round in circles . I’m still learning daily how to defeat my ego. It’s not easy but looking at the great teachers out there at the moment, I know it’s possible.

A Stepping Stone

The Secret may not have been the ‘be all and end all’ some may have hoped it to be but I think it did a fantastic job of introducing the subject to those of us who had never even heard of this concept before.

It was my first step – my first step on a new and exciting path of possibilities and I will continue on this path for as long as it is bringing adventure and joy to my life.

Let me know if you have read the book and your thoughts on it!

Edit – I know sometimes life can be extremely complicated and tragic. Horrible things happen to people who didn’t ask for it. I’m a student in this great classroom like everyone is, pondering the lessons that come along. It might help to read this post and relate it to less serious areas of our lives. Because like everyone else I don’t know why bad things happen to good people. I just don’t know. This post is just my musings on an idea that has helped me in my day to day life and become a more optimistic person. I wish only good things for you xx

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