Who Inspires me?

Who Inspires me?

Day 3 of the Trigger Your Blog challenge is ‘Who Inspires Me?’ Hmm… Very good question! My mind automatically jumped to the amazing travel bloggers I read – World of Wanderlust, Adventurous Kate, Nomadic Matt to name a few. But when I thought about it a little more I realised, yes those people are amazing and what they’ve done is incredible but the ones who really inspire me are the one’s a little closer to home, the one’s who were just like me not long ago. These guys are just so much more relatable, and make it feel possible to give it a try myself.

Little fish in a big pond

Like my friend Nichole Brown who I met in our first year of high school. She’s the very talented writer behind the kiwi travel blog ‘Happiest When Wandering’ where she goes on adventures with her adorable little daughter Emmy. She’s been blogging for just over a year and she’s blowing UP! She’s on the rise and it’s amazing. It’s what all bloggers dream and hope for and she’s achieving it.

Or like a girl I know from primary and high school Gina Carré. She’s started her own online coaching business and website – ‘Designer Mindset’. It’s going from strength to strength. She’s living her dream in the USA and is even about to publish her first book! This is a girl I used to play hopscotch with from my hometown! That is SO inspiring to me!

Or there’s my Australian friend Sam Bird who is living in Ireland at the moment, she has started her own business – ‘Bubba Natural’. She sells her homemade cute little baby outfits and natural baby products. She’s a new mum to cute little Henry who decided to make some extra cash and do something she loves while she’s at home or a while. So she created her own Etsy page, has a stand at the local market and is promoting her creations on Instagram. My friends are entrepreneurs!

Trigger Your Blog Challenge

And now I have a new source of inspiration. The other bloggers from the Trigger Your Blog Challenge! We’re mostly all newbies putting ourselves out there to try something we thought might be fun. We’ve all been so kind and supportive of each other because we’re all in the same boat. It’s so important to have access to  like-minded people, to chat about technical blog issues or like when you need inspiration!

It’s been such a boost for me, even though I haven’t kept up with the timeframe it’s been so worthwhile. Coming back to NZ from Ireland I needed to find a whole new routine for my blog , between job hunting, catching up with friends and family and trying not to get sucked in to The Real Housewives of New York, it’s been a challenge to fit in my regular blog postings. But this challenge inspired me, and I’m back in the zone!

The whole world is our pond now

It’s these people who inspire me, who have put themselves out there and are chasing their dreams who really inspire me. They give me real life motivation to believe I can try it myself. It can be scary to ‘make’ something and put it out into the world, where you know some people who are just not on the same wavelength as you could jump out at any moment and stab you with a harsh comment. It will happen, it is inevitable. But these people are braving it and doing it anyway! That is courage to me.

They help me believe I am worthy to start. And then I look at my favourite bloggers again and I love to dream of where I could finish!

So who inspires you?

Check out the inspiring article written by the auther of the quote in the photo – How to reach your full potential

4 thoughts on “Who Inspires me?

  1. 🙂 Your friends all sound like real go-getters!
    Thanks for sharing links to all their stuff Jen – I’m going to go check them out now.

    YOU inspired me to keep going by commenting on my little posts in the FB group. Gonna go do my big post now about inspirations.


    1. Yeah they are pretty amazing eh! I’m pretty lucky!! 😀 No worries! Always happy to help share worthy stuff for friends 🙂
      Hehe, well I needed a push every now and then with this challenge too so if I could give others a little encouragement then that makes me so happy!
      Please do Ebony! I would love to read it 🙂

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