I’ve decided I’m going to start writing

I’ve decided I’m going to start writing

Like many thousands before me and thousands along side me. Something I’ve learnt recently from one my favourite authors Elizabeth Gilbert, is her idea of the hummingbird. Us hummingbirds flit though life from interest to interest, following our curiosity as we try things we think will bring us joy, and they do but then we grow restless and want to try something else, so we move on. So that’s exactly what I’m doing now! I’m exploring my creativity and have started a blog. I’m going to start writing stuff. It doesn’t make it any less relevant than someone who was born knowing they wanted to write or paint or act, we’re all worthy of creating something.

Appreciate our differences

So what makes me and mine different? I believe the fact we’re all different! We all have different perspectives; we had different upbringings, giving us all unique views of the same world. To me that’s the spice of life. It makes me appreciate this diverse world even more. I’ve been told I’m an optimist so I see things differently to a pessimist, a realist, a dreamer or non believer. Not one more right or wrong than the other, neither superior nor inferior, just different. Gloriously, uniquely different!

And that difference is what makes this world so incredible, so crazy, so beautiful.

I want to talk about that crazy, I want to find that beautiful. Let’s get in it, roll in it, let it sink into our souls until we CELEBRATE what makes us different! Let’s love one another as our own, like we should love ourselves – deeply and unconditionally, for we are all incredible!

Do you feel that love? No? Neither did I until I went looking for it. But I found it! It’s there in all of us. Let’s shine a light on ourselves so we can all feel it and light up this world!

Let’s get real.

Like real real.

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