My 10,000 hours starts now

My 10,000 hours starts now

The concept of 10,000 hours resonated with me mainly because I’m starting my blog and I want to be good at it, but also because I turned 30 this year. As a friend who also turned 30 (hi Sarah!) was saying recently, we’ve still got 35 years of working life in front of us before we can retire. So we might as well do something we want to do. Not just waste our time fart-arsing around forever. I’ve also reached a point where I want to do something meaningful with my time. Something to better myself.

The concept comes from Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers – I haven’t actually read it yet but I’ve just downloaded the e-book and will get onto it pronto! (Along with the 20 other books I want to read at the moment!)

Dream big

Now obviously the dream is to be a successful blogger paid to travel the world, not too much to ask right? To get to that point I would have to become a master at blogging. To be a master at blogging according to this book I would need to spend 10,000 hours on it. That’s a shitload. Actually it says 10,000 hours is working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for 5 years. So yeah, a shitload. But if the time is going to pass by anyway and if I’m going to do it anyway without a chance of a penny, then I might as well count the 10,000 hours, then at least I can tell myself I am a master of my newfound wannabe trade right?

Jack of all trades, master of none

A rough estimate puts me at about 55 hours right now. Soooo as you can see I have a loooong way to go to reach 10,000 hours. But this is what I want now. This is what I’ve finally figured out that I want to do with my life. Holy hell I’m sure you know the struggle of trying to figure that out in life! And to actually know that now, and know that’s what I want to do in my spare time is huge for me. I’ve been a job hopper these last 4 years while travelling, temping to fund my travels while in London and Dublin. Which has been GREAT! Exactly what I needed and wanted, but now I’m ready to commit to something more.

Marking 10,000 hours is more a way for me to measure my time on this new venture. To help give me more direction and focus (oh hey Facebook, Instagram, hello little bug on a leaf outside the window which I must watch for 10 minutes to see where it’s going) while learning a lot along the way. But you know the saying – a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. For me that first step is now.

I’m doing it dammit!

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