Postcards from Greece

Postcards from Greece

Glorious Greece – A Dream Come True

This was one of those places. One of those places that you’ve dreamed of visiting your entire life. I used to say all the time that I was going to move to Greece. It felt like my spiritual home. I was obsessed with Ancient Greece, which was fuelled by Classics class at high school. And of course I fantasized about the Greek Islands like everyone else did. I was in LOVE with Greece! So when I actually got to step foot in this spellbinding ancient country, well I damn near spontaneously combusted!

So why did I only take about 28 photos?!?! Who bloody knows. I wish I could ask my 21-year-old self what the hell I was thinking. Didn’t I know 9 years down the track I would need these precious photos for a travel blog I decided to start?! Hmm seems not…

the parthenon at the top of the acropolis in athens greece
Peek a boo! The Parthenon peeking over the top of the Acropolis.

So these are the few salvageable photos from my time in Greece 9 years ago. They were taken on my trusty but pretty crusty first ever digital camera. So they’re not the best quality but I still like them.

Summer tourists at the parthenon acropolis in athens greece
What visiting the Parthenon really looks like. Ah glorious summer tourists.

Amazing Athens

Athens BLEW MY MIND!! I was so high on life walking around these streets. Seeing the Parthenon at the top of the Acropolis, imagining Socrates chillin’ in the park with his bros pondering the universe. New Zealand just can’t compare when it comes to this kind of history. NZ is a new green shoot popping out of the dirt while Greece is a Redwood Forest!

the temple of olympian zeus amidst the streets and buildings of athens greece
The Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens. Imagine living a hop skip and a jump from this!

I love to imagine the Ancient Athenians walking around the temples, going about their business in their flowing white gowns. All beautiful with their leaf crowns and drinking wine, talking about philosophy. Because that’s what all Ancient Greeks did right?

amphitheatre of herodes atticus in athens greece
The theatre of Herodes Atticus. This amphitheatre is still used today!
Lycabettus Hill in Athens Greece
Athens and her hills. The closest is Lycabettus Hill, which means Hill of the Wolves, with the 19th century chapel of St.George at the top.

Magnificent Mykonos

Ah Mykonos – a beautiful Greek Island, dazzling blue water, endless sunshine, nude sunbathers. That last one was a bit of a surprise to our innocent little eyes. Or maybe we had just stumbled in to the nudist end? Who knows but some things can’t be unseen.

Paradise Beach Mykonos Greece Greek Islands
Paradise Beach on Mykonos, we made it for the closing weekend party. We didn’t move much from those loungers the next day.

Looks pretty glam eh? Well we were on a budget so we stayed in little wooden sheds which were pretty much just plywood with two little beds in it. Not quite the Greek Island fantasy I had in mind but ah well.

What’s Mykonos famous for?

Now I probably shouldn’t put this next bit in me blog buuuut… So I mentioned a closing party. Well frankly I’m surprised my friend Emma and I survived. We drank an entire bottle of Absolute Vodka in about an hour, before heading to the party. I don’t know what possessed us to finish the bottle. So we’re having a great time, making friends, chatting with people from all over the world. Fast forward a few hours, and my world starts closing in. I was about to ‘hit the wall’ big time. I mumble to Emma I’m in a bad way so we head off to the hut. But Emma wasn’t quite finished. She went to another bar for one last drink and to call her boyfriend in NZ. I miraculously made it back, had a little vom behind it and fell on my bed.

Light on, door wide open! Thank God Emma wasn’t far behind. Next day we head to the beach to wallow when this friendly couple comes up and starts chatting away like they know us. No clue who they were. We finally figured we must’ve been chatting to them at the party. So we keep the facade going and chat away.

So, moral of the story is – no more drinking like that for me! Just have a few so you can enjoy the whole night.

Greece Paradise Beach Mykonos Greek Islands
The typical Greek coastline I was finally able to see with my own peepers!

Sensational Santorini

We’re lucky we made it to Santorini, the ferry was cancelled but we managed to get a flight. So we got to see the incredible Aegean Sea from above! “Always look on the bright side of life, do do, do do do do do do”. No partying at Santorini for us. Santorini was for relaxing and enjoying the local food and wine. Mmm gyros… Just kidding! I’m sure we had more than hot chip filled kebabs. Maybe…

Santorini ferry port greek islands greece
The view from our ferry – the steep winding road to paradise.
Hotel Margarita Santorini Greek Islands Greece
Our hotel in on the Greek Island of Santorini – Hotel Margarita. Good times!

Here we spent our days lounging and swimming by the great little pool out back. (Mostly because it was too damn hot to do anything during the day!) My friend Emma got sunburnt to a crisp! But she kept telling me she likes the pain of sunburn. Weirdo. Then we’d crawl down the street in the evening for dinner at a little taverna.

Greek islands Santorini Greece blue domed buildings
Glad I got one shot of an iconic blue domed building, typical of Santorini and the beautiful blue water we all dream of when we think of the Greek Islands.

This is the Greece I hope to see again one day, (preferably with a higher budget next time, heh). It would have to be one of my Top 3 places I’ve been lucky enough to cross off my Life Travel List. And it was worth every penny!

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