Flight Diary – A Handy Tool for Travel Geeks

Flight Diary – A Handy Tool for Travel Geeks

This great little website was introduced to me by my boyfriend David, who like me is also a travel geek. Flight Diary lets you load in all of your flights and it will track the number, the distance, the time spent on board and heaps more handy little tidbits of info. I love things like this and I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of it before. You might like it too!

And this fits in perfectly with Day 4 of the Trigger Your Blog Challenge I’m doing. The blog prompt was to write a tutorial.
I hope this counts!

A how to on Flight Diary a way to track your flights just for fun
Enter flight departure date and number, or just the flight details once you’ve figured them out, add airline and plane for extra info if you want.

How Flight Diary Works

First you need a rough idea of your flight dates and flight numbers. But if like me you can’t remember that info because it was many moons ago and you didn’t realise the info would come in handy for a nifty little thing called Flight Diary! Then don’t worry! You can still add the info by putting in the departure and arrival airports, departure and arrival times and flight duration. It just won’t be as accurate, but at least it’s still in there!

Flight diary map showing all of my flights plus stats on time spent in air number of flights etc
See a map of all the flights you’ve been on, plus see how long you’ve spent in the air. So cool! Or is that just me?

It makes a cool flight map

And ta da! It makes a map with the flight paths even! If you love travel I’m sure this will get you as excited as it does me! You can also see that it calculates up the number of flights you’ve been on, distance travelled, time spent in the air (which is really trippy, pun intended) and eek… the carbon emissions!

I must admit, it is time-consuming if you’ve been on a lot of flights. Since I don’t have the ticket stubs or emails with my flight details from years ago, I’ve been having to rack my brain for dates of trips and the airlines I flew with from 4, 6 and 12 years ago! I’ve managed to enter a few years of flights, I still have another 4 years to go. I’ll get there!

Flight Diary how to calculates up fligtht info into graphs
Calculates up all sorts of other info for you.

Heeeeaps of other flight stats!

Flight Diary also calculates up all the other info you can enter like airlines, plane type, airports, whether you sat window, middle or aisle seat and more. I kind of stopped doing these bits though, I couldn’t remember which seat I sat in for a lot of them and it adds a few more pages you have to go through to enter the flight. Ain’t nobody got time for dat!

Well I hope you found that interesting like I do and want to start your own Flight Diary of your world adventures!

You can start your own Flight Diary here!

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  1. Such a cool travel tool Jen! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m one of those people who loves to watch the map when I’m in the plane, so this type of thing is right up my alley! P.S. found your blog from Caroline’s challenge. 🙂

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