BritBound – How to Move to London with Ease

BritBound – How to Move to London with Ease

What on earth is BritBound? I hear you say

It’s probably the single biggest thing that made my time in London best in my life. I was pretty nervous and scared about moving to the other side of the world by myself; but BritBound made it a breeze! BritBound is a relocation company based in London. They help Kiwis, Aussies, Canadians and more to move to the UK on their Working Holiday and Ancestry visas (to name a few). They help you with the nitty-gritty of setting yourself up in another country, i.e. bank accounts, tax numbers etc. But most importantly to me I think is they gave me a sense of community, when it could have been very easy to feel overwhelmed and alone.

The weasley's car harry potter studio tour organised by Britbound
Cydney and I in the Weasley’s car at the Harry Potter Studios, organised by Britbound. After this was butterbeer!

How BritBound works

I was linked up with BritBound through IEP in New Zealand. I used IEP to help me with applying for my visa, making sure I had all of the correct documents in order and they sent off my application for me. Part of the package is being linked with a company on the other side that helps on arrival. That company was BritBound! (I believe the universe was definitely working in my favour there).

If you’re Canadian you’re linked through SWAP, Australians through the Aussie branch of IEP. Or you can just go directly to BritBound online.

the winning team on the britbound christmas monopoly pub crawl
The winning team on the Christmas Monopoly Pub Crawl. About 2 weeks after I arrived. So much fun!

What BritBound do

They take the immediate stress out of arriving in a foreign country, by arranging 2 night in a hostel for you. They have a ‘Welcome Session’ for all the new BritBounders arriving that week; where they give you the low down on what to expect, how to make the best of things, where to start and the glorious public transport system!

The nitty gritty I mentioned earlier involves arranging an appointment with a bank to open an account. This was so easy I couldn’t believe it! (This was 4 years ago so things may be different now). They choose a branch near their office, you can use their details if you need to, as proof of address or even a mail holding service.

BritBound also help with getting your National Insurance Number (tax number) which you need to be able to work. They help by setting you up with recruitment agencies and tell you where to look for jobs. They tell you what the best sites are to look for a flat – what’s dodgy and what’s not.

You can use the computers, wifi and printing services in their office not just for when you arrive but for your whole time in the UK. They really are the bees knees!

red phone booth challenge on the britbound monopoly pub crawl London
One of our challenges on the Monopoly Pub crawl was to see how many people we could fit in a phone box. We won with 10!

BritBound help you make friends

Which let’s be honest, as an adult can be a bit hard sometimes.

They have a social events group on Facebook with currently 3581 members. You can meet up with others to go musicals, the Harry Potter Studios, go on day trips to Brighton or Bruges Christmas Markets. They have Friday night drinks and pub crawls, dress up boat parties on the Thames. So many things to do with so many people. All in the same boat as you (pun intended!) needing to make new friends. I met my new friend and future flatmate Laurel through BritBound, also Blake who came and lived with me in Dublin a couple of years later. The awesome thing is there is so much to connect over, you are having an incredible shared experience so you have so much to talk about with these people. They’re often other kiwis or Aussies, Canadians, German and more so it’s so easy to relate them

New years in london on the thames with britbound
Some of the BritBound crew on our first New Years in London. On the Thames, freezing cold but so much fun! I will never forget it.

So many friends!

I was probably most nervous about not knowing anyone over there. (The one girl I did know went home 2 weeks after I arrived). I worried I was going to be all alone when the homesickness struck. But it was actually really easy to make friends! I was so busy all the time that I never had time to get homesick. So many of the people I met in London and on my travels I still count as friends today. They will be friends for life because we shared such a special time in our lives. All because BritBound brought us together.

So if you’re thinking about heading over to London and are a bit nervous about it, don’t be! Join up with BritBound and you will have the time of your life. You won’t regret it.



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