About My Radical Exploration

About My Radical Exploration

About me here i am In front of pyramids, in Queenstown and on the road in Ireland

About me!

Hi! I’m Jen. Here is a little bit about me and my new blog – I’m from a little place at the bottom of the world called New Zealand. Now I’ve FINALLY decided to take the leap and start jotting down my travels and adventures in life, both across the world and across my mind.

I loooooove to travel

I’m currently back home in beautiful New Zealand having just got back from an amazing year in Ireland where I had a working holiday visa. Before that it was two years in the U.K on another visa, a few months in Australia working in a ski resort and a couple trips back home in between, after setting off in 2012. I’m a fan of slow travel. Living in other countries where possible, to really soak up all there is to see.

Where will I go next? It’s only been 4 years on the road, I’m not ready to settle down just yet!

And I loooove Personal Growth and Self-Development

Here I will share my musings and meanderings from my world explorations and my personal transformations. This will be a way for me to get my thoughts from out of my head and out into the world, letting them fly free. I will watch them grow and see what the universe provides for me. And hopefully as a pleasant by-product of all that, you may find something worthwhile here too.

Alrighty, let’s go!

Love Jen


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